Medical technology and laser fine welding

Welding of medical instruments

Our customers have trusted the laser welding department of KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH for years - as a competent partner, we are not only a supplier in the field of welding, but we are at least as important as an engineering partner in order to incorporate laser-weldable solutions in the planning phase for new and redesigned medical technology instruments or implants together with the design department of our customers. Thus, many advantages result from this close cooperation:
Räumlich elliptischer Nahtverlauf  zwisc
Räumlich elliptischer Nahtverlauf
zwischen Griff und Stange - 1.4301
  • Cost-effective production due to weldable joints
  • fast response time in the development and testing phase - you optimise the "time to market" cycle
  • In-house fixture construction ensures reproducible results and short response time
  • Consistent documentation of all parameters, fixtures, clamping situation and process and test instructions in our ERP database
  • Internal welding supervision ensures standard-compliant documentation

Weld seam tests

Schweißnahtoptimierung im Kundenauftrag
Schweißnahtoptimierung im Kundenauftrag
- schlanke Nähte ohne Einbrand - 1.4542
High-tech welding workstations with the latest laser sources from ALPHA, Trumpf and IPG ensure maximum process reliability, reproducible results and "beautiful" weld seams.
Quality assurance Weld seam tests by macrosections incl. measurement.
Static load testing of bending, tensile or torsion loads or qualitative leakage tests with H2 detectors - all test specifications and protocols are permanently stored in our production database and thus documented in a traceable manner.

Titanium, stainless steel and other materials

We weld materials of the same and dissimilar types - particularly noteworthy are
  • 1.4305 as easily machinable but poorly weldable - here we achieve pore- and shrinkage-free weld seams
  • Combination joints of stainless steels with hardened steels without cracking or hardening
  • Combination joints of stainless steels with cobalt-chromium compounds
  • Shape memory alloys - Niti (Nitinol) or NiTiCu or similar.
Freiformkonturen - 1.4305
ohne Zusatz geschweißt
Titanium - we process the entire range of titanium gradations 1-5, also mixed with/without additives.
We can alternatively join practically unweldable material pairings, such as titanium / stainless steel, by laser brazing with brazing additives.
Perfekte Rundnähte
Perfekte Rundnähte
1.4301+1.4112 gehärtet
Stainless steels:
1.4301 / 1.4305 with
1.4021 hardened unhardened or
1.4112 hardened unhardened or
1.4542 hardened unhardened or,
1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4576, etc.
Shape memory alloys NiTi (NiTinol) or NiTiCu - these materials retain their properties such as superelasticity even after welding.

Surface finishes during welding

In addition, we also offer further machining and processing:
Surface treatments such as corundum blasting or glass bead blasting and Trowalising, polishing or electropolishing. We can also carry out perfect laser marking on natural materials or metals using modern laser systems with CO2 or fibre laser technology. 2D and 3D laser cutting as well as possible machining services round off our portfolio.
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