Self-Clinching Fasteners and Weld Studs

Connecting elements for metals and plastics

Self-clinching fasteners are essential for many sheet metal components to fix and position further elements. We are able to offer various self-clinching fasteners, such as threaded studs, insert nuts, insert pins, bodies, or grounding lugs. These can be inserted and pressed into through holes in steel, premium steel, aluminium, and plastic. With this method we are even able to handle acrylic glass, which is quite brittle.
Self-clinching fasteners are inserted into blind holes, when the backside is not supposed to show any damages. That is primarily the case with very thin aluminium sheets ( 1.5 mm) where the backside is also the visible side. Our HSC milling machines are capable of drilling these blind holes highly precise and in accordance to the required tolerances.

Drilling and Thread Cutting

Drilling and thread cutting of any material with the suitable cutting device.
Thread cutting Hamburg

Surface Refinement

Glass bead blasting, corundum blasting, polishing, or satin finishing - from various surfaces all the way to galvanically produced layers.
Surface finishes

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Hydraulic Bending

Hydraulic bending of metal (e.g. premium steel, aluminium, steel, etc.) on our CNC-controlled press brake.
Hydraulic bending

Thermal Bending

Thermal bent components, e.g. for display and signet construction, as well as further more detailed information.
Thermal bending

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Weld studs are used for the same matters when handling steel sheets. Studs with tip ignition do not cause any damages to the visible side. We are generally working with templates to correctly position the weld studs. For large-scale production, we will use our CNC-controlled flatbed systems with automated welding heads.
Our entire team ensures optimized and smooth operations from consultancy and programming with latest CAD/CAM technology to the optimal result and its delivery.
So, if you are looking for a service provider to count on at all times, you should get in touch with us.

Modern products with modern self-clinching fasteners

Sheet metal designs are so optimized nowadays that housings keep getting more and more complex not least because of high requirements to functional integration. That is why today one can find self-clinching fasteners in various different areas, such as in mechanical engineering, plant engineering, functional components made of thin sheets, electronic and electro-mechanical components, housing assemblies, and displays. Basically, anywhere since this quick and precise method can create safe connecting elements.
Add-on studs aluminium
Self-clinching fasteners in aluminium
Add-on studs acrylic glass
Self-clinching nut fastener in acrylic glass
Capacitor discharge stud welding with tip ignition is perfect for steel sheets from 1 mm (premium steel sheets from 2 mm) when a visual impairment is to be avoided.
We recommend using self-clinching fasteners for aluminium sheets since inserting connections are significantly more secure than welded joints.
  • Insert nut:
    M2 to M12
  • Threaded insert stud:
    M3 to M10
  • Insert stud:
    2 mm to 10 mm diameter
  • Insert sockets:
    open or closed, M3 to M5
  • Sheet thickness:
    from 0.5 mm
  • Materials:
    Galvanized steel, premium steel, in some cases aluminium
  • Machines:
    Haeger 618 plus, HBS CDi 1502

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