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At KURIOS, the shipping process starts by monitoring your product’s stage of completion. Our shipping department does not work solely event-oriented but plans the timely organization in advance in close cooperation with their colleagues from manufacturing.
Production, packaging, and shipping are interconnected processes and to be considered as a whole. Our modern ERP system ‘KISS’ supports us in providing all relevant data. That way, everybody involved has access to all information necessary at any time in order to hand over a perfectly packaged product to the carrier.


We are pleased to use our long-term experience in the field of material processing to advise you.


Your product will be designed using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology before it enters our production area.

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Four specialized production areas ensure optimal results at all times.


As an additional service, KURIOS offers to store your finished products until delivery.

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If you are interested in specific services of ours, you have the opportunity to send us a direct inquiry.

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Our logistics team takes care of all relevant processes from coordinating dates with the manufacturing division to packaging to route planning and commissioning external carriers.
Your goods will either be delivered in our own vehicles or by our long-standing partners who share our beliefs in quality and punctuality. That is necessary to ensure that everything arrives in good order and condition.
If anything ever ‘goes wrong’, our logistics task force will do everything possible to help you out as fast as possible.

Shipping Information

Company Information
UPS (24h) for parcels
</= 30 kg (66 lb)
Langbecker Transportservice
supraregional (24h)
up to 3 t + large format pallet
on small trucks
Oetjen supraregional
up to 20 t
on semitrailers
KURIOS transport
up to 1 t + 2 EUR-pallets
regional shipping

KURIOS sends parcels by UPS on a daily basis

  • daily Oetjen Frachtverbund (24h delivery)
  • own delivery truck
  • daily Langbecker Transportservice
Upon customer request, we will manufacture precisely fitting packaging. The shipping process will be coordinated and organized accordingly.

Oetjen Logistik

Oetjen cooperates with 66 forwarders (“Kooperation 24plus”) in a handling warehouse in Haneck (Hesse). Every place in Germany can be reached from Haneck within a 4-hour truck drive. That comes in handy when you need to pay attention to the rules regarding driving times and it ensures an extremely quick material flow.

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