THE Basic Bead for your lanyard

A Swiss pocketknife is only complete with a lanyard and a lanyard is just half the fun without a bead. At least that’s the philosophy of many SAK collectors and aficionados.
A lanyard is a braided cord that simplifies getting your knife out of your pocket, backpack, or purse. A bead is somewhat of a pendant, may come in all shapes or materials and can be braided into the lanyard.
Our Basic Bead functions as the basis for a customizable system.
It consists of a ‘male’ and a ‘female’ component. When plugged together, they form a complete bead – visually as well as haptically.
The Basic Bead Coupler can be added in between the two components, so that a longer bead is formed.
As with our 91.1 scales, modularity enables our customers to customize their beads however they like by combining all kinds of materials and finishes. Endless possibilities for a unique Swiss pocketknife!

CNC Turning Titanium

Machined separating of titanium Damascus and various titanium alloys.
Titanium turning

CNC Turning Light and Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

Processing brass, copper, and further non-ferrous heavy metals are part of KURIOS’ everyday business.
Light metal turning

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Satin-finishing, glass bead blasting, barrel finishing, and anodizing – all about the looks!
Trowalise surface

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Every bead starts as round material and is then CNC turned in two settings. Each Basic Bead and Basic Bead Coupler has to apply to minimal tolerances in order to ensure modularity.
All products are available in titanium, brass, copper, DSC® Titanium, DSC® Inox, and DSC® Mokume.
The different material properties pose an additional challenge when it comes to correct parameters, especially when handling Damascus steel or titanium Damascus.
Electrolytic processes enable us to alter the surface and therefore the titanium’s color. So-called anodizing changes silvery titanium to blue, yellow, green, purple, or bronze eye-catchers. The process doesn’t affect the metal’s (grade 5 titanium) technical properties, which make it our customers’ material of choice.
Our online shop carries a variety of stunning beads.
Basic Bead Titanium Rusty
Basic Bead Ti Rusty (anodized titanium)
Basic Bead DSC®Titanium 2
Basic Bead DSC® Titanium (titanium Damascus)

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