We do precise (image video no. 2)

There is a solution for every problem

Sometimes, products need to be absolutely precise. If that’s the case, KURIOS is the right place to be. Due to extensive know-how in laser fine welding as well as in thermal and machined separation methods (e.g. 5-axis laser cutting and 5-axis simultaneous milling), we are a reliable partner for the industries of aeronautical engineering, medical technology, and automotive engineering.

We do complete

This KURIOS image video provides you with an insight into how our material processing possibilities mesh together like cogs in a finely tuned machine.
Material processing

We do quick

This KURIOS image video provides you with a short insight into why KURIOS is the suitable provider for modern and timely production.
Produce in a contemporary way

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We do pretty

This image video gives you an insight into countless different versions. What we mean by ‘pretty’ and how we manage to make even the already good a bit better.
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We do unusual

This KURIOS image video shows you why there are virtually no creative boundaries when it comes to implementing your products.
Diversity of production

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We do a lot

This image video provides you with a small insight into the countless possibilities when it comes to processing material at KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH.
Production possibilities

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We are always able to offer the correct method to process the material you require.
Image video no. 2 gives you a quick insight into the possibilities of precisely fitting material processing at KURIOS.

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