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Repair welding and cladding of tool steel

Tool steel is steel with special properties. It is extremely hard and can have further characteristics, such as high ductility, thermostability, and wear resistance.
All common kinds of tool steel are welded with filler materials of the same kind or similar to it. That results in a homogeneous, sound joint, which has the same properties as the base material. Pulsed laser welding causes no structural transformation or change of hardened and tempered areas thanks to the small heat-affected zone. It allows you to use repaired tools without going through hardening and tempering procedures.

Processing of metal with thermal separation processes and highest flexibility for materials of up to 5 mm thick.
Laser cutting

Machined separation processes for three-dimensional products with cutting-edge CNC milling systems.
5-axis milling

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Machined separation processes for three-dimensional products with cutting-edge CNC turning systems.
CNC turning

Logos, letterings, and numerations. We burn anything onto metals of all kinds.
Laser marking steel

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We mill aluminium, composites, bronze, copper, and other non-ferrous metals individually upon request.
HSC milling

Various additional services for processing metal. Inserting studs or bending – we can do a lot.
Additional services

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We have got special expertise in working with plastic injection molds, dies, and vulcanization molds. We are able to build up polished or grained surfaces with weld in a way that the repaired area won’t be visible after further processing and won’t adversely affect the final product.
Our employees have the long-term experience, necessary know-how and manual skills to provide you with high-quality repair weldings. Benefit from our skilled team at KURIOS!
We are looking forward to your request regarding repair welding of tool steel. Get in touch with us now.

Repair welding of tool steel

These metal alloys are preferentially used in toolmaking for plastic injection molds, vulcanization tools, sheet metal forming dies, or other deep-drawing dies in particular. Here is a constant demand for repair due to wear and tear, tool breakage, or adaption of product labels.
Laser welding engravings
Welding engravings
Injection mold
Repair welding of injection mold

Laser welding of tool steel – the key facts summarized

We have a great variety of welding filler materials on stock, which enables us to immediately realize your repair weldings. It is a matter of course that fast response times and reworking are part of our agenda. Should you only be looking for a minor repair to be done, you might as well wait on site over a cup of coffee, since processing doesn’t take too long.
We guarantee perfectly crafted repair weldings. We will pare reworking (particularly of hard materials) down to the minimum, so that your part is ready for use in no time.
  • Maximum size:
    1,000 mm x 1,000 mm
  • Minimum material thickness:
    0.05 mm
  • Maximum material weight:
    2,000 kg
  • Benefits:
    No structural change of the base material, welding without warping, no hardening or softening, filler material of the same kind, high welding speed, pinpoint energy exposure, precise material application
  • Sections and tool steel:
    1.2310, 1.2311, 1.2312
  • Highly alloyed tool steel:
    1.2083, 1.2343
  • Usually weldable without pre-heating:
    1.2379, 1.2767
  • Further processing offer:
    Laser cutting, HSC milling, bending, laser marking, engraving, thread cutting, drilling, turning, thermal bending, and Heli-Coil
  • Surface refinements:
    Lacquering, sandblasting, abrasive blasting, grinding, and brushing

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