CNC Turning Steel and Premium Steel

Precision turned parts made of steel alloys and premium steel alloys

‘Everything from a single source’ is part of how we manage to stand out from the competition. The ongoing process of being a service provider who is as complete as possible contributes to one of our strategic goals, which is being able to react quick and flexible to customer requirements. The only way to achieve that is through a high level of in-house manufacturing, so that the dependence on suppliers can be minimized.
Therefore, we do not only process plastics but also steel and premium steel components. In doing so we are already able to offer complete request packages and assemblies to our customers, including turning of these materials. Naturally, we also do small-scale and large-scale production made of steel or premium steel.

Perfectly warping-free and gas-tight laser welds on all kinds of steel alloy components.
Laser welding steel

Laser marking and laser engraving of various steel components for machine and fixture construction.
Laser marking steel

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Welding of premium steel without warping, oxidation and other negatively influencing factors.
Read more aboute Laser welding stainless steel at KURIOS from Hamburg.

Simple labels and abrasion-resistant tempered engravings on all common premium steel alloys.
Laser marking stainless steel

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Functional surfaces with engineering fits and high tolerances can be created in one setting in steel and premium steel.
5-axis milling stainless steel

Various additional services, such as hydraulic bending, welding studs, or different surface refinements.
Additional services

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Your product’s contours can be programmed offline by using latest CAD/CAM technology (e.g.: SolidWorks) or SIEMENS SinuTrain. Usually, most of the simple turning jobs are programmed directly at the machine by means of ShopTurn.
Quality assurance of your components is continuously happening throughout the entire manufacturing process and the records are stored in our ERP system “KISS”. All production data is archived, so that any product is fully traceable and reproducible.
Our young and highly motivated team in Seevetal near Hamburg is looking forward to your request regarding CNC turning of steel and premium steel. Feel free to contact with us.

Turned parts made of steel and premium steel are a standard in today’s industry

The variety of industrial sectors with a demand for turned parts is very large: mechanical engineering, plant engineering, packaging industry, medical technology, automotive, agricultural machinery technology, precision mechanics, metrology, etc.
Turning premium steel
Premium steel 1.4301 turned part
Turning Sauter turret
VDI40 turret by Sauter

CNC turning of premium steel – technical details summarized

CATIA, NX, and SolidWorks 3D data can be processed without any loss of quality in its native form. Furthermore, we are able to feed virtually all data exchange formats into our CAD systems. Even drawing-bound data poses no problem whatsoever.
  • Turning dimensions:
    350 mm x 600 mm
  • Tools:
    Twelve-fold turret with up to 12 driven tools, speed of up to 4,500 rpm, VDI40 holding fixture
  • Programming:
    ShopTurn, SinuTrain, SolidWorks/HSMWorks
  • Materials:
    All steel and premium steel alloys
  • Surface refinements:
    Lacquering, sandblasting, abrasive-blasting, grinding, brushing, barrel finishing, powder coating, and further galvanic procedures
  • Further processing offer:
    Laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, HSC milling, and 5-axis simultaneous milling

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