2D Surface Models

CAD with AutoCAD®, BricsCAD®, EuroCut®, OptiScout® and others

Classic programs to generate vector data for cutting applications are 2D CAD programs like AutoCAD®, BricsCAD®, MegaCAD® as well as more graphic-oriented solutions, such as CorelDraw®, Adobe Illustrator®, OptiScout® or the like.
These programs are primarily used for engineering or creative work, e.g. designing technical components, logos, signets, etc.
We are able to read virtually all data exchange formats and native data of these 2D software products and thus can actuate our 2D processing system.
In combination with intelligent post-processors, we control our different processing systems, as for instance laser cutting systems, milling systems, and wire EDM systems.

3D Surface Model

Surface models are often used in the automotive industry. We are working with Tebis and are able to read a great deal of native data.
3D surface models

More about surface models

Volume modelers like SolidWorks prevail in the field of machining and facilitate data exchange without the risk of data loss.
Volume models

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All technological information is therefore directly linked to the source file. That way, all data is traceable and available for repeat orders.
Naturally, we have the expertise and competence at our disposal to develop independent designs or to follow up incomplete or faulty files.
Depending on the information you come to us with, we are able to assist you prepare CAD data in accordance to a template, sample, drawing or simply an idea.
Here, you will benefit from more than 20 years of experience in handling various software generations and our extensive know-how when it comes to production-ready designs.

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