At KURIOS, warehousing does not only mean to manage high racks for a multitude of pallets, it starts with custom-made packaging of the goods.
Our design division and manufacturers of packaging supplies collaborate very closely in order to develop solutions that make optimal internal and external flow of goods possible.
Whether you need acrylic glass or metal tools, wooden displays or filigree metrology, different components need to be treated differently, so that every product remains undamaged during manufacture and transport.


We are pleased to use our long-term experience in the field of material processing to advise you.


Your product will be designed using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology before it enters our production area.

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Four specialized production areas ensure optimal results at all times.


After being manufactured and stored, your products will be shipped. We'll gladly undertake that service as well.

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Naturally, warehousing does also include safe storage of goods on consignment. Regardless of whether you provide us with material or you need blanket orders with very short response times, we will be happy to adapt to your requirements.
Warehouse and production logistics are a very important part of KURIOS’ value chain and are therefore handled by our professional logistics team.
Our newly erected logistics hall enables us to maximize tidiness and transparency within the internal flow of goods.

Warehousing means at KURIOS:

  • Goods on consignment
  • Finished products on demand
  • Finished products for your customers
  • Custom-made packaging
  • Reusable packaging
  • Container management

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