We manufacture by means of over 20 technologies across four production areas

KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH offers a very diverse set of services. Starting from pure contract processing in accordance to drawings all the way to complete order processing, including planning, design, manufacture, storage, and logistics for entire product families. You can come to us with an idea, an outline, complete data, with an order for individual components, series parts, or assemblies – we will be able to help you out.
Laser-aided production methods: laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking
Machined production methods: HSC milling, turning, wire EDM
Forming: hydraulic bending, thermal bending, pressing
Surface: polishing, satin finishing, abrasive blasting, lacquering, screen printing, direct digital printing, galvanic surfaces, powder coating, cathodic dip coating, KASI coating
Assembling: mechanical assemblies, welding assemblies, lighting systems

We are pleased to use our long-term experience in the field of material processing to advise you.

Your product will be designed using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology before it enters our production area.

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As an additional service, KURIOS offers to store your finished products until delivery.

After being manufactured and stored, your products will be shipped. We'll gladly undertake that service as well.

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If you are interested in specific services of ours, you have the opportunity to send us a direct inquiry.

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We manufacture assemblies for mechanical, electrical, and lighting solutions.
We have a lot of experience in manufacturing complex electromechanical assemblies and complete products. Our customers increasingly ask us to do the entire production process including final assembling in order to relieve their production. Coming to a decision regarding the question of ‘make-or-buy’ is easier when the potential supplier offers a wide range of production services. KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH is that kind of supplier.
Think about how many interfaces you can eliminate by obtaining everything from a single source. Fewer orders, fewer inspections of incoming goods, fewer documents, fewer contacts and all that while having short and unproblematic communication channels directly to the manufacture.

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