58.2 & 58.2+ SAK Scales

58 mm scales for Swiss pocketknives by Daily Customs

Sure, the medium-sized Swiss pocketknives with a total length of 91 mm are the most popular models, but let’s not forget their small 58 mm (2.283") siblings.
Whether it stays with your keys, inside your purse, as a letter opener on your desk, or simply inside your pocket, application possibilities are practically endless for this little companion. SAK collectors and aficionados came to us asking for exchangeable 58 mm scales. Getting to work and designing a couple of small versions was just the logical conclusion.
Our 58.2+ is equipped with two additional slots for your toothpick and tweezers. Aside from those recesses, 58.2 and 58.2+ are identically designed.
As with all other versions, titanium is a fan favorite. Its technical properties, stunning finish, and relatively low weight put in great demand. Furthermore, electrolytic processes enable us to alter the titanium’s color. The so-called anodizing changes silvery titanium to blue, yellow, green, purple, or bronze eye-catchers.

5-Axis Milling Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

5-axis simultaneous milling of copper, brass, bronze, and other non-ferrous heavy metals.
5-axis milling non-ferrous metal

5-Axis Milling Titanium

Milling titanium and titanium Damascus with highest flexibility and precision.
Read mor about Titanium 5-axis milling of KURIOS from Hamburg.

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HSC-Milling Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

Our team is looking forward to realizing your ideas!
HSC milling non-ferrous metal


Glass bead blasting, polishing, satin-finishing, and electrolytic processes are part of our everyday business.
Surface finishing

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Laser Marking Titanium

Logos, letterings, and serial numbers. We mark every material pin sharp.
Titanium laser marking


Are you looking for custom scales for a different knife or a unique surface design?
Artificial constructions Products

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Once again, brass and titanium scales come in multiple exciting designs – Pinstripes, 25°Angle, Golfball. For the first time, though, we equipped not only the front but also the back scale with the respective pattern. We will soon begin to implement the same with our other SAK scales. Sets with two-sided patterns are also limited to 99 pieces.
Naturally, we ship our small 58 mm products inside our popular packaging as well.
We have been working meticulously on a packaging that meets our requirements in regards to quality, looks, and safety while being produced as environmentally friendly as possible. We are very happy with the result! Our products will not only arrive in Australia, the US, or China safe and sound but also look just gorgeous when you open the box.
Looking for scales with or without additional slots to upgrade your small Swiss pocketknife? Get them here!
58.2+ Golfball Ti Backside
58.2+ titanium scales with milled slots for toothpick and tweezers
58.2 Packaging
Packaging for 58.2 and 58.2+

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