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Daily Customs was established in 2017 and is a product brand by KURIOS. The motivation and goal behind DC’s establishment was to create unique products by utilizing KURIOS’ already existing production technology, resources, and know-how.
Conceptualization, marketing, sales, production, packaging, and shipping are all handled on-site – 100% made in Hamburg, Germany.
Our key products are exchangeable grip plates for what can easily be described as the most popular pocketknife in the world. Victorinox AG began manufacturing its pocketknives back in 1897 in Switzerland.
In 2018 Victorinox AG marked yet another milestone by selling its 500 millionth pocketknife – most of them in a plain, red shell.
A perfectly thought-out product, that has written an incredible success story around the globe. The knife’s widespread fan base appreciates a variety of simple yet practical designs.
Many of our customers treasure their Swiss pocketknives and the childhood memories it connects them to. Being trusted with real knife, whittling in the backyard with dad, trips to the woods – many heartwarming memories attach us to the crossed pocketknife.

91.1 SAK Scales

The product line it all started with. 91 mm scales for pocketknives by Victorinox AG.
91.1 SAK scales

91.2 & 91.2+
SAK Scales

Scales with milled recesses for your SAK’s toothpick, pen, and tweezers.
Handle scales

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58.2 und 58.2+
SAK Scales

Pocketknife scales for Victorinox AG’s smallest version – the 58 mm models.
58 mm Handle scales

Beads and
Bead Keeper

Beads are meant for a lanyard and a lanyard is meant to be on a knife.
Beads for pocket knives

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My grandpa used to tell me that a ‘real’ man should always carry a knife.
Surely, that phrasing hasn’t aged all too well, but still, the usefulness of my small companion in everyday situations is unparalleled.
I like to compare the idea behind our products to car modification. Obviously, the car drives just as well with standard rims and most people would never think about changing them. Yet, car aficionados from all over the world find great joy in customizing or visually upgrading their vehicles.
Our scales are designed for all SAK enthusiasts, collectors, and devotees of high-quality products, who want to transform an everyday object into something truly special. A unique Swiss pocketknife that people will be asking about.
If we caught your interest, make sure to visit us at www.dailycustoms.shop - we’d love to share our passion with you!
The entire KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH team appreciates your continuous interest and support. Thank you!
91.1 Pinstripes Titanium
91.1 Pinstripes Titanium
58.2 Pinstripes Titanium
58.2 Pinstripes Titanium

Variety by Daily Customs

We offer a wide variety of different versions, sizes, materials, patterns, and surfaces for our customers to choose from.
Not only do we process materials like brass, copper, and titanium, but also high-quality Damascus alloys – made in Germany. By forging brass, copper, and bronze into one alloy, our experienced supplier creates unique batches of Damascus, so that every milled part is one of a kind.
Our scale models 91.1, 91.2, and 91.2+ are applicable all medium Swiss pocketknives by Victorinox AG that have a total length of 91 mm.
We also offer scales for Victorinox AG’s smallest knives. Those that measure 58 mm are customizable with our versions 58.2 and 58.2+.

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