All-Purpose Holder for salt, pepper, and menus

Products made of wood and premium steel – everything from a single source

Everything from a single source – a promise that you can count on. At KURIOS, we particularly like to use different materials to manufacture finished products. Conception, material selection, and the necessary engineering are very important to us.
The salt, pepper, and menu holder for a Hamburg-based steakhouse chain is one of these products.
The all-purpose holder’s base is milled out of dry oak by our HSC milling machines. The roughened surface of the natural material is then scraped smoothly, very finely ground, and screened for splinters, so that the enjoyment of a delicious steak doesn’t come to an involuntary end. Subsequent to the grinding process, the surface is glazed inside our industrial paint booth. That assures that dirt, fat and food remains can be removed easily and the wood doesn’t absorb anything. The inscription “Home of Steaks” is engraved by CO2 lasers and concludes the wood treatment.
The back panel and the integrated menu holder consist of 3 mm thick, golden shimmering brass, which is brought into shape on our HSC milling machines. HSC milling creates extremely fine, rework-free cutting edges, which makes immediate subsequent treatment possible.
The Black Angus bull and steakhouse lettering are now plastically sunk into the material by using Nd:YAG lasers. The relief-like logo is now a few tenths of a millimeter deep inside the brass.

Machined separating of oak, beech, poplar, and wood-like materials.
More information here Wood milling at KURIOS from Hamburg.

Grinding and scraping of wood and wood-like materials like OSB.
Surface finishing

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Structures, letterings, and logos that are a few tenths of a millimeter deep are carefully sunk into the material.
Laser marking brass

Logos, signets, and numerations. We burn finest structures into wood.
Wood inscription

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Machined separating of aluminium, brass, and titanium by means of latest CNC milling systems.
Milling non-ferrous metals

We bend all materials regardless of material properties and hardness.
Metal bending

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We program your ideas by means of latest CAD programs to achieve optimal results.
Product construction

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When the laser-cut brass parts are engraved, they are bent, so that both components can be joined together.
The treated wood base, back panel, and menu holder are now all screwed together at the bottom of the all-purpose holder.
Additionally, we offer an extended version for similar products where an electrical waiter call system is integrated into the holder.
After joining the two elements, the product is ready to be used on restaurant tables by hungry guests. Bon appétit!
We handle most diverse materials with most diverse processing methods to achieve perfect results time and again. You want to be able to unconditionally rely on your service provider while you feel in good hands? Get in touch with us!

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