2D Laser Cutting Aluminium

Laser cutting of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals

Laser technology is perfectly suitable for aluminium and many non-ferrous metals. For many years, we have been processing metals like aluminium and brass and now titanium as well. We specialized on handling material thicknesses up to 3 mm.
Thicker aluminium cuts are being dealt with by the use of machined separation processes, so that perfect cutting quality can be ensured for materials up to 100 mm thick.
By choosing between our high-precision laser cutting systems or HSC milling technology, we are able to offer you the most cost-efficient solution at all times.

Machined separation processes with cutting-edge CNC milling systems from KURIOS.
Aluminium HSC milling

Machined separation processes for three-dimensional products with cutting-edge 5-axis simultaneous milling systems.
5-axis milling aluminium

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CNC turning with bar machining and driven tools enables us to cover a very broad range of parts.
You are able to find details Aluminium turning

Sandblasting, glass bead blasting, polishing, satin finishing as well as anodizing, hard coating, or chromating.

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Multi-folds and edge parts made of non-ferrous metals and sheets.
Product examples and information about bevelling of aluminium

Logos, signets, numerations, and letterings. Our machines burn anything onto the material.
Aluminium lettering

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You benefit from our quality, flexibility, and creativity throughout the entire production chain, from the first draft to the finished product, regardless of the quantity ordered.
The ranges of application are very diverse and the brilliant precision of laser cuts, laser engravings, and laser markings of non-ferrous metals remains second to none.
Should you have any questions regarding 2D laser cutting of non-ferrous metals, KURIOS’ engineers are happy to give you any advice you might need. Get in touch with us.

Aluminium ornaments, measuring instruments, and other challenging tasks

Aluminium ornaments as wall tattoos, anemometer rotors for monitoring crane work, or welded assemblies for robotics – KURIOS supplies all industries from design to research, automotive or mechanical engineering.
Laser cutting aluminium ornaments
Aluminium ornaments, glass bead blasted
Laser cutting aluminium anemometer
Anemometer as welded aluminium assembly

Technical details for laser cutting of aluminium

In addition, we offer further services for processing non-ferrous metals. These include, inter alia, laser welding, laser marking, machining, forming, and surface refinements from lacquering to hard coating.
  • Maximum size:
    2,000 mm x 3,000 mm
  • Minimum sheet / foil thickness:
    0.05 mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness:
    Laser cutting up to 3 mm
    HSC milling up to 100 mm
  • Further processing offer:
    CNC milling, laser welding, laser marking, engraving, turning, bending, pressing and welding studs
  • Surface treatment:
    Sandblasting, glass bead blasting, grinding, brushing, polishing, barrel finishing, lacquering, and galvanic procedures

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