2D Laser Cutting – limitless flexibility – brilliant and precise

Laser cutting in Hamburg – everything from a single source

At KURIOS, laser cutting means:
We cut virtually all materials you can imagine – from Acrylic to Zytel, non-rigid fabrics or heavy metal – we’ve got a solution for every material.
Natural materials (paper, cardboard, wood, etc.)
Plastics (acrylic glass, PET(G), PS, etc.)
Metals (steel, premium steel, aluminium, etc.)
Our modern machinery comprises six laser cutting systems with up to 2.5kW laser output and a machining surface of 2m x 3m. Depending on the material to be cut – 0.1mm fabric or 60mm acrylic glass – we’ve got the suitable laser cutting system for every usage.

We will precisely cut perfectly finished thin sheets, iron sheets, trapezoidal sheets, or perforated sheets.
laser cutting sheet steel

Premium steel, spring steel sheets, and VA-steel foils of 0.01mm up to 2mm. Sheet metal and thin sheets with polished, brushed, or textured surface.
laser cutting stainless steel

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Processing of various aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous metals, such as panels of titanium or brass.
Laser cutting aluminium

Transparent, smooth, and brilliant cutting edges are stand-out features of laser cutting. We cut materials that are up to 40mm thick and 2m x 3m large.
Laser cutting acrylic glass

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GFRP, CFRP, organic sheets, or fiber cuttings - we machine the full range of fiber-reinforced polymers, glass and carbon fabric.
GRP / CFRP laser cutting

From filigree inlays in wood veneer through to laser cuts in solid wood with rustic "burned edges" - maple, oak, spruce, pine, poplar, etc.
Wood laser cutting

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Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) - laser cutting is the only way to faithfully cut out writings.
MDF laser cutting

Oriented strand board (OSB) - the versatile material gets rustic "burned edges" when cut by lasers.
OSB laser cutting

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Individual items, small runs and quantities, medium-sized or large-scale series; different batch sizes are possible thanks to highly efficient laser cutting.
Machining, welding, bending, lacquering, pressure und laser marking, grinding, adhesive bonding, engraving, and a variety of surface refinements are part of our in-house range of services as well.
Located in Seevetal near Hamburg, our young and motivated team is looking forward to your request regarding 2D laser cutting. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Possible applications are to be found in all industries

Here are some of the industries where our range of 2D laser cutting capabilities is particularly demanded: automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, medical technology, shopfitting, trade fair, display and model construction.
Quitting? We don’t do that!

Laser cutting of materials – we go through thick and thin together

We handle thin materials like paper, aluminium foil, and premium steel foil with the same kind of precision and dedication as a thousand times thicker plastic. The areas of application for 2D laser cutting are virtually limitless.
We will cut 40mm thick acrylic glass (PMMA), Plexiglas®, and Perspex® of various colors into the shape of your command. Here, by using reproducible cutting sizes and the precision of laser cutting, we achieve the quality of machined separation processes without needing to consider the inner contours of milling radii.
Medium-density fiberboards (MDF), oriented strand boards (OSB), cardboard, oak, spruce, and other types of wood are in stock waiting for further processing. Different degrees of material thickness, hardness and humidity are being taken into account by means of appropriate pre-treatment and correct parameterization of laser systems.

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