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Diverse materials, flexible products, hand customized solutions

We initially started at KURIOS with simple tasks that were about cutting acrylic glass on our laser cutting systems. Naturally, we are still doing these jobs; however, many new machines, qualified personnel, and thus more production possibilities have been added to the company over the course of the last two decades.
Today, we can proudly claim that we are able to process virtually any material in different ways. We particularly improved in the field of engineering, which we explain more thoroughly in the chapter of the same name.
For designing and programming matters, we fully rely on 3D design systems (SolidWorks) and the respective CAM modules by now. Manufacturing data is prepared and fed into our machines. We certainly undertake the tasks of storage and delivery for you as well.
Following this website’s chapter „"services"“, we want to give you an insight into our products and how different services may be combined.


High-strength welding jobs on premium steel for measuring instruments that are able to defy even Arctic weather and temperatures below -50°C (-58°F).
Precise measurements

MS Tonne

Restoring ship technology and engine parts of the historic passenger ship "MS Tonne", built in 1960.
Components ship technology

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Fine-sounding task for KURIOS. Laser cutting and laser marking of wood mastered with perfection.
Woodworking with laser technology

Guess the Car

Illuminated advertising for the set of "Guess the Car". New and individual creative possibilities due to latest LED technology.
Lighting technology

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procedes i-d

Excellent acoustics due to laser-cut acrylic glass. Sound-absorbing effect thanks to demanding geometries.
Acoustics through applied laser technology


Laser-marked multifunction walls made of yellow wood panels that are integrated into the most important functions of the hotel "Superbude".
Laser engraving on wood

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Brochure stands and illuminated displays with latest LED technology for interior design purposes at VGH's sales offices in Lower Saxony.
Luminous displays made of sheet metal


Various services combined result in the hexagonal basic form of Protonet's MAYA body.
Sheet metal and acrylic - cutting, welding and forming

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For this purpose, we made a compilation of our most challenging products thus far. These have been manufactured for the most part at KURIOS. As they are individually described and screened, the production stages are paramount. Our unique know-how consists in the ability to always have an alternative at our disposal. We can always offer the best and most cost-efficient method.
We are very passionate about finding a solution to tricky tasks that our customers – and hopefully you as well – bring to our attention.
So, if you want a single supplier who combines different materials and techniques into one product and meets the highest demands of quality and precision, KURIOS is who you are looking for. We will be more than happy to receive your request.

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