5-Axis Milling Aluminium

Multidirectional simultaneous milling of high-strength aluminium alloys

The extensive experience of machining aluminium on our HSC portal milling machines is of great help when it comes to 5-axis milling. The basic machining parameters are similar; they just need to be adjusted to the special characteristics of multidirectional simultaneous processing. Here, particularly good knowledge of the CAM software and machine parameters is of great importance in order to achieve required tolerances and surface qualities, even during simultaneous operation.
Many modern as well as high-strength aluminium alloys can be processed in a superb manner by using our high-end milling systems that are manufactured in Germany. High surface quality, tolerances, and precision down to the hundredth of a millimeter are normal with these machine models. That allows us to fully rely on our tools.

Non-ferrous metal processing with highest flexibility for material thicknesses of up to 3 mm.
Laser cutting aluminium

Machined separation processes with cutting-edge CNC milling systems from KURIOS.
HSC milling aluminium

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Thermal joining technology for aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Non-porous welds and precise results.
Aluminium welding

Machined separation processes for three-dimensional products with cutting-edge CNC turning systems.
Turning from Alumnium

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Sandblasting and glass bead blasting are in high demand, particularly when making sterile tools for medical science.
Finishing Surface Aluminium

Our team is waiting for your call to put your ideas into practice.
Production area 1

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Multi-folds and edge parts made of non-ferrous metals and sheets.
Aluminium bending

Logos, signets, numerations, and letterings. Our machines burn anything onto the material.
Aluminium marking

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Besides the excellent machine and software equipment, we constantly ensure further training of our staff and quickly introduce new employees to all of our technologies. We offer regular internal and external training regarding hardware, software, and process knowledge. By spreading expertise across the entire staff, we avoid isolated expert knowledge.
Our competent team in production area 1 ensures smooth operations from consultancy all the way to perfectly finished, 5-axis milled aluminium components.
If you are looking for a service provider to unconditionally rely on at all times, we would be happy to receive your request.

Exemplary applications for the lightweight material aluminium

Manufacturing lamp housings for the latest LED generation – modern designs allow for a highly functional integration of all-new design approaches. Here, aluminium is a superbly suitable material as well as for toolmaking purposes, fixture construction, mechanical engineering, packaging plant engineering, and many other applications.
5-axis milling aluminium milling simulta
Aluminium mold core for vulcanizing tool
5-axis milling aluminium shaft2
Shaft for a dry ice crusher

5-axis simultaneous milling – important details at a glance

The process chain stands: perfect machine tool technology, zero point clamping systems, tool measurement, workpiece measurement, high-quality machining tools, 3D software solution with fully integrated CAD/CAM coupling, connection to ERP system with complete QA documentation. Quality assurance measures from self-tests to dual controls to SPC methods – adapted QA actions on a high level.
  • Maximum size:
    850 mm x 700 mm x 500 mm
  • Minimum material thickness:
    0.05 mm
  • Machine:
    Hermle C400
  • Further processing offer:
    2D and 3D laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, hydraulic bending, and turning
  • Surface refinements:
    Lacquering, sandblasting, abrasive-blasting, grinding, brushing, and further galvanic procedures

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