91.2 & 91.2+ SAK Scales

91 mm SAK scales for Swiss pocketknives by Daily Customs

Many of our customers – and SAK aficionados in general – have requested an affordable set of scales that includes three slots for their SAK's toothpick, pen, and tweezers.
91.2 and 91.2+ are our answer to that desire. The versions differ in only one aspect: the additional recesses for 'Plus' models.
Daily Customs 91.2 is the second version of grip plates we designed. Just as the 91.1 forerunner, it is meant for medium Swiss pocketknives that measure 91 mm (3.583") in total length.
By sparing additional parts, we keep costs down. Nonetheless, each set can be customized with a pocket clip. Most clips by Emerson Knives, Steel Flame Jewelry, and Benchmade are compatible with our back scale’s three tapped holes. That way, our customers are able to choose from various suppliers in order to create a unique Swiss pocketknife.
Brass and titanium scales come in multiple exciting designs – Pinstripes, 35°Angle, Labyrinth. The CNC milled models are limited to 99 pieces and highly popular.

5-Axis Milling Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

High-precision 5-axis milling of various non-ferrous heavy metals.
Non-ferrous metal 5-axis milling

5-Axis Milling Titanium

Milling titanium and titanium Damascus with highest flexibility and precision for perfect results.
Titanium 5-axis milling

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HSC-Milling Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

Our team is looking forward to realizing your ideas!
on-ferrous metal HSC milling


Blasting, polishing, satin-finishing, and electrolytic processes are part of our everyday business.

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Laser Marking Titanium

Latest laser marking technology that realizes even smallest letterings pin sharp.
itanium laser marking


We will implement your design ideas with latest CAD programs for ideal results.
Constructions Products

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Thanks to cutting edge laser marking technology, we are able to engrave pin sharp serial numbers into materials like brass, titanium, or copper and therefore certify each set.
The final finish, glass bead blasting, ensures a homogenous, visually pleasing surface that is suited perfectly for subsequent laser marking. Our wide assortment offers each customer a variety of materials, versions, and patterns.
Experience has shown that titanium and brass are particularly sought-after. When it comes to patterns, Plain, Pinstripes and 35°Angle are among our customers’ favorites.
In order to ensure consistent quality, we manufacture each set of grade 5 titanium 91.2 and 91.2+ scales individually. Every single set consists of two solid workpieces. Multiple settings are required until our HSC milling machine presents an almost finished product. When the surface finish has been applied, the lettering is engraved and the set is thoroughly cleaned, we pack the goods and ship them to our customers.
Curious about our 91.2 and 91.2+ scales? Drop by!
91.2+ Plain Cu Backside
Milled recesses for toothpick and tweezers
91.2 Labyrinth
Milled labyrinth surface pattern

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