91.1 SAK Scales

91 mm SAK scales by Daily Customs

It’s the 91.1 product line that started our Daily Customs division at KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH.
The scales are designed to fit all medium Swiss pocketknives that measure 91 mm (3.583") in total length. Our 91.1 sets are available in aluminum, titanium, brass, and copper.
A set consists of four different components – front scale, back scale, Cross Inlay, and Filler Tab.
The Cross Inlay is a small disc, which is designed to fit into the front scale’s recess. All components are available in different materials, so that modularity allows for customized looks.
The Filler Tab covers the back scale’s recess where one can attach a pocket clip. We are especially proud of our 91.1 Pocketclip. The CNC milled accessory provides a real advantage that SAK aficionados and collectors have been longing for.
Electrolytic processes enable us to alter the titanium’s color. The so-called anodizing changes silvery titanium to blue, yellow, green, purple, or bronze eye-catchers. The process doesn’t affect the metal’s technical properties, which make it our customers’ material of choice.

5-Axis Milling Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

5-axis simultaneous milling of copper, brass, bronze, and DSC® Mokume.
5-axis milling non-ferrous metal

5-Axis Milling Titanium

Milling titanium with highest flexibility and precision for perfect results.
5-axis milling titanium

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HSC-Milling Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

Our team is looking forward to realizing your ideas.
HSC milling non-ferrous metal


Glass bead blasting, polishing, satin-finishing, and electrolytic processes are part of our everyday business.
Surface finishing

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Laser Marking Titanium

Latest laser marking technology that realizes even smallest letterings pin sharp.
Titanium lettering


Are you looking for custom scales for a different knife or a unique surface design?
Constructions Products

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Brass and titanium scales come in multiple exciting designs – Pinstripes, 45°Angle, Raindrop. The CNC milled models are limited to 99 pieces and highly sought-after.
Thanks to cutting edge laser marking technology, we are able to engrave pin sharp serial numbers into materials like brass, titanium, or copper and therefore certify each set.
In order to ensure consistent quality, we manufacture each set of grade 5 titanium scales individually. Every single set consists of two solid workpieces. Multiple settings are required until our HSC milling machine presents an almost finished product. When the surface finish has been applied, the certification is engraved and the set is thoroughly cleaned, we pack the goods and ship them to our customers.
Whether you are looking for a way to enhance your old Swiss pocketknife's looks or simply searching for a unique present, we offer a variety of models. Make sure to check out our online shop to learn more about Daily Customs' 91.1 SAK scales.
91.1 Ti Pocketclip
91.1 titanium pocket clip
91.1 Raindrop Br
Complete set of 91.1 Raindrop in brass

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