Laser cladding, laser repair welding, TIG welding

4-axis laser welding system ALPHA ALT 500
- Laser power: 200 watts
4-axis laser welding system Trumpf HL 204P/ALT 500
- Laser power: 200 watts
5-axis laser welding system Trumpf HL 506P/TEKOL
- Laser power: 500 watts
WIG welding station
Chamber furnace for preheating and hardening
Separating and polishing machine for creating macrosections
Tactile measuring station – measuring in accordance to data with FARO measurement arm and CAM2Measure software
Optical measuring station – stereomicroscopy with camera and measuring software
Qualitative hydrogen leakage test with leak detection probe, crack testing with penetrant testing (red-white method)

Production Area 1

Flatbed milling system Portatec, 5-axis simultaneous milling machine Hermle C400, 3-axis milling system DMU 50 A, plotter milling system Zünd M1600
Production area 1

Production Area 2

Flatbed laser cutting system S.E.I., 5-axis laser cutting system Prima Industrie Rapido, leaf brake Placke HQP, industrial paint booth, lathe MTRent
Production area 2

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Production Area 3

Plotter milling system Zünd M1200, CO2 and Nd:YAG laser marking systems, laser cutting system S.E.I., laser cutting systems euroLaser
Production area 3

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Steel, tool steel, premium steel, cast materials, aluminium alloys, and titanium alloys are processed in PA 4

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