“Fine-sounding” order for KURIOS

Laser cutting and laser marking of wood

When was the last time you went to a classical concert? Do you know that feeling when you feel completely fulfilled and enchanted by the sweet sound of violins? And did you know that KURIOS’ contribution facilitates violins to fully develop in concert halls around the globe?
The explanation is quite simple: nowadays, many musicians use an innovative, patented shoulder rest system for their violin that has been developed by violinist Berent Korfker in collaboration with string manufacturer Pirastro. The basic principle was to design a shoulder rest that offers the highest possible stability and comfort without interfering with the violin’s vibrational characteristics. That way, the instrument can sound with maximum freedom.
For this purpose, we fundamentally questioned and examined all concepts of existing shoulder rests. The acquired knowledge helped us to develop new approaches to designs, which we extended over various models. The perfectly coordinated interplay of all individual components of the innovative shoulder rest system improves the instrument’s quality. An unmatched maximum freedom of sound, an extended sound spectrum, and incomparable enhancements in the fields of stability and comfort are the result of dedicated work.
For the practical implementation of the design, Pirastro trusted in KURIOS as someone who is specialized in individual solutions as well as extremely precise processing technology.

Laser Cutting Maple

Processing of maple, other wood, and natural material by means of our CNC-controlled CO2 laser cutting systems.

Milling Maple

For machined separating of wood, we have 3-axis and 5-axis simultaneous milling technology at our disposal to ensure consistent quality.

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Laser Marking

The next processing step is to laser mark the milled and laser-cut components made of noblest maple tonewood.

Adhesive Bonding

Before the desired product is finished, various components need to be glued to each other.

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With an experienced project management and in close cooperation with the customer, KURIOS developed a solution for serial production of the “Cradle”, which hitherto only existed in a “laboratory state”.
KURIOS chose 3D milling as the optimal method to precisely process the wooden parts made of noblest maple tonewood and to produce the required aluminium inlays. Furthermore, adhesive bonding proved to be the ideal method to fix the black coated aluminium into the wood’s indentations.
One of the project’s emphases was on the high-precision processing in all stages of production. A mass production-ready handling process is only possible when various criteria are met. Extensive climatic arrangements are just as necessary as strict control processes that have regard to the varied characteristics of wood. The use of latest 3D milling systems and ongoing measuring of the panels throughout the entire milling process are particular reasons how KURIOS manages to ensure individual and exact processing of the product. Once more, KURIOS has proven their claim “we do precise” to be true.
So, when you find yourself listening to a violin concert in the future and the sound experience delights you, be aware that KURIOS might be involved in what you hear.
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