KURIOS ensures excellent acoustics

Laser cutting of acrylic glass

The news tickers are coming in loudly, phones are ringing hectically, and the room is filled with vivid discussions of journalists. The noise level increases inside Axel Springer SE’s editorial offices when the production for tomorrow’s news is in full swing.
Contemporary offices and workspaces present high challenges to the room atmosphere. To guarantee good acoustics and speech intelligibility, and thus unbothered concentration as well as operations, the company “procedes i-d interior design” was tasked to produce novel and transparent sound-absorbing panels. That mix of aluminium and acrylic is supposed to improve the publisher’s open-plan offices.
As someone who is specialized in perfect technical and optical solutions for acoustics, sound, and light, procedes i-d interior design has found in us a competent partner for implementing that challenging task.
By means of modern laser cutting methods, KURIOS manufactures slotted acrylic glass plates in accordance to customer specifications. Due to the slots special geometry, they have a sound-absorbing effect. The acrylic glass plates are fit into the by procedes i-d interior design pre-assembled aluminium frames.


Optimization of required components due to extensive long-time engineering know-how at KURIOS.

Laser Cutting

CNC-controlled CO2 laser cutting systems offer exceptional quality and precision with rework-free cutting edges.

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Situation on Site

Consideration of different coefficients of thermal expansion of aluminium and acrylic glass during the course of design and production.

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Thanks to extensive engineering know-how, KURIOS was able to optimize the slots’ geometry and develop a special floating technique to hold the acrylic plate in a further developmental step.
Creating a suitable fixture for the specific material characteristics turned out to be a particular challenge. It needed to function permanently, even under different temperatures and had to be easy to assemble, so that the acrylic panels are easy to clean.
This project once again underlined the big advantage KURIOS has in terms of cooperation. Owing to high productivity and experienced project management, KURIOS was able to finish the project within a short time frame.
In the future, these noise barriers will provide Axel Springer SE’s open-plan offices with acoustic islands of discretion and privacy. Disturbances like incoming news tickers, ringing telephones, and heated discussions will be a thing of the past.
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