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We already had a clear idea of how our company was supposed to look like back in 1994 when we founded KURIOS. As engineers, we not only wanted to offer maximum quality and good prices but also an excellent support with extensive consulting and care services.

Production Areas

Many different duties and services in four different production areas.
Production areas of KURIOS from Hamburg

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There is a solution to every problem. Marketing and sales are areas that we are particularly passionate about.
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Our entire company is certified in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in order to meet quality standards.
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The success our company has had so far shows us that this philosophy has proven to be of high importance. Our well-trained, highly motivated employees and we will continue to support you throughout every phase of your project as well as develop solutions and products that you won’t find anywhere else.
Managing director Ostermoor – Managing D
Dipl.-Ing. Stephen R. Ostermoor
Managing director Kuschnerus – Managing
Dipl.-Ing. Jens-Uwe Kuschnerus
Production manager Sauer

Production Manager

Process perfection

From the very beginning, KURIOS has devoted itself to a clearly defined quality standard: absolute perfection.
We were very intrigued by laser technology and the impressive possibilities the young technology came with. In the meantime, we have acquired extensive knowledge about its full range of processing options.
We always want to get the most out of our technologies and convince our customers of the outstanding quality and the entire team’s capability.
The feedback of our customers keeps proving us right and reinforces our decision to have a sustainable management with high-quality services in Germany.
Perfecting the process chain from consultancy to design to production processes. At KURIOS that is an ongoing learning process where each employee is challenged day in, day out. The continuous drive creates a passion to generate optimal products.
Intensively dealing with the process chain is not just good for us but also of invaluable benefit to our customers, because constructive optimizations, technology consulting based on component function, and much more all lead to a cost-efficient high-quality product.
3D wall design
3D wall design
Product made of acrylic
Product made of acrylic

Made in Germany

High vertical range of manufacture and diversity of production: In Hamburg, these demands can be realized as this metropolis provides companies with a multitude of skilled and motivated experts.
Naturally, there is a strong competition for the best but the brand “” is a household name to jobseekers by now. State-of-the-art machinery, highly motivated staff, and a stimulating work environment are obviously essential to better survive in global competition.
We have devoted ourselves to best quality, professional advice, and cooperative partnership in the best Hanseatic way. That is why choosing Hamburg as our production site has been nothing but the correct decision.


KURIOS – Organizational Chart

Dipl.-Ing. Jens-Uwe Kuschnerus
Dipl.-Ing. Stephen R. Ostermoor
André Sauer, production manager ppa.

Facts & Figures about KURIOS

Business purpose: design and production of components, assemblies, and finished products by the use of laser technology and machined manufacturing techniques.
Company foundation: 1994 in Bothel, Germany
Address: Zürnweg 21, 21217 Seevetal, Germany
Production site: Zürnweg 21, 21217 Seevetal, Germany
Employees: 30

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