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Expert advice means that you are always able to talk to KURIOS’ experts directly. We have set ourselves to prevent bottleneck situations and to always provide our customers with the possibility to talk directly to our specialists, so that every question receives the answer it deserves.
That way, we eliminate unnecessary interfaces and respective frictional loss. On the one hand, you as a customer benefit directly from that and will always feel that you are advised and informed well; on the other hand, we get to understand your task precisely and see what the product is going to be used for. Being able to discuss issues at eye level enables us to make even already good solutions a little bit better.


We believe that 'good performance' must include dedicated, extensive support throughout every stage of production.


Your product will be designed using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology before it enters our production area.

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Four specialized production areas ensure optimal results at all times.
Read more about the Production of KURIOS from Hamburg.


As an additional service, KURIOS offers to store your finished products until delivery.

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After being manufactured and stored, your products will be shipped. We'll gladly undertake that service as well.


Our contact information, phone number, e-mail address, and directions.
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Benefit from the fact that we have gained extensive knowledge across various production methods, which makes it possible to not only consult you with advice but also suggest different alternatives. Alternate manufacturing techniques can result in a better outcome or better cost-efficiency.
In recent years, we increasingly optimized, manufactured, and assembled complex assemblies. Due to a high vertical range of manufacture, we are able to execute a large number of production processes at KURIOS. Since we only have to involve few external service providers, if any at all, we are in control of quality, cost, and timeline. That way, even comprehensive projects pose no threat to assured qualities.
You want to be able to unconditionally rely on your service provider at all times and feel in good hands? Get in touch with KURIOS!

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