Giveaways made of acrylic glass, aluminium and premium steel

KURIOS’ bottle opener

We passionately combine multiple processing steps in order to produce finished products. Conceiving finished products, material selection, engineering, creative work, and professional consulting are part of our everyday business.
Laser material processing, especially of acrylic glass, aluminium, and premium steel, gives us endless creative possibilities in terms of colorful, shiny, reflective, adhesive, pretty, original, and curious gimmicks and giveaways.
As a result, we came up with a small elephant that serves as a bottle opening acrylic reliever (our abbreviation: BOAR).
We chose 20 mm thick, transparent Plexiglas® as the most suitable material. Since the laser beam of our CO2 laser systems not only cuts but also polishes the edges, any further processing is redundant.
Despite a relatively thin elephant’s trunk, the material effortlessly withstands the pressure that occurs when multiple bottles are opened.

2D Laser Cutting Acrylic

Processing of plastics with highest flexibility and precision for materials of up to 40 mm thickness.
Laser cutting acrylic glass

Laser Marking Acrylic

Logos, letterings, and numerations. We burn anything onto the acrylic.
Read more about Acrylic lettering at KURIOS from Hamburg.

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Production Area 3

Our team is ready and waiting to put your ideas into practice.
Product Area 3


We program your ideas by means of latest CAD programs to achieve optimal results.

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Subsequent to the thermal separation process, the acrylic glass bottle opener is laser engraved on the same machine. The BOAR is now ready to open a multitude of great moments. Naturally, we are able to engrave all kinds of alternative logos, letterings, signets, and slogans into a variety of materials.
Do you have creative ideas for your promotional gift or similar products? Do you want different materials and processing methods from a single source? You want your giveaway to set itself apart from others?
You have come to the right place! We manufacture in accordance to your visions.
Get in touch with us and our engineers to give thought to future giveaways. We would be more than happy to hear from you!
Acrylic glass “flower”
Giveaway flower
Acrylic glass Chanel
Promotional gift “perfume rabbit”

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