Laser Marking Brass

Brass engraving and laser marking of brass – everything from a single source

Brass is probably the best-known copper alloy and is used in various industries. From jewelry to complex and challenging components in industry and research facilities to gastronomies and the food industry, the versatile application possibilities make brass a highly demanded metal. More and more people are asking for high-contrast, food compatible, abrasion and solvent-resistant laser markings.
Finest contours are just as feasible as deep engravings for coding of technical components, barcodes, QR codes, data matrix codes, signets, or decorative fonts.

Processing of non-ferrous metals with highest flexibility up to material thicknesses of 2 mm.
Laser cutting brass

We mill brass and other non-ferrous heavy metals individually according to your wishes.
Brass milling

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Machined separation processes on three-dimensional workpieces in one setting by means of latest Hermle CNC milling systems.
5-axis milling brass

Turning with driven tools in just one setting.
CNC turning non-ferrous metal

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Sandblasting and glass bead blasting give brass an attractive surface.
Surface processing

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There are virtually no limits to your product’s design possibilities. To read and process our customer’s data into our CAD/CAM systems, we have import filters for almost all external data formats.
Since brass is often used for decorative purposes, we offer further surface refinements, such as satin finishing or polishing. Through combination of those work processes, we are able to manufacture impressive unique products.
We are looking forward to your request regarding laser marking and engraving of brass. Please get in touch with us.

Varied fields of application

As a decorative and gold-like element, brass is often used for jewelry, awards, and trophies. Easy to process casting alloys of brass are frequently used in dashboards and maritime giveaways.
Laser marking brass
Colored deep engraving of brass
Laser marking brass plate
Laser engraved brass plates

Laser marking of brass – important details at a glance

Laser marking brass with Nd:YAG lasers roughens the surface, which makes the processed area seem matte and contrast well to the surrounding glossy material.
We are able to read almost all data formats and data sets, which means nearly endless design possibilities for you. Company logos, signets, and decorative letterings for visually appealing design of your components are a matter of course at KURIOS.
  • Maximum size of flat material:
    1,000 mm x 500 mm
  • Minimum material thickness:
    non-rigid material from 0.05 mm
  • Maximum size of workpiece:
    1,000 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm
  • Possible brass alloys:
    Ms58 – CuZn39, Ms63 – CuZn37, and others
  • Further processing offer:
    Laser cutting, HSC milling, 5-axis simultaneous milling, thread cutting, drilling, and CNC turning
  • Surface refinements:
    Lacquering, sandblasting, abrasive blasting, grinding, and brushing
  • Possible applications:
    Sign labeling, display construction, signets, trophies, awards, giveaways

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