Laser Welding Premium Steel

Fine welding or repair welding of premium steel – everything from a single source

High welding speed; slightest thermal warping; and non-porous, visually appealing welds are just some of the advantages. Negative influencing factors like oxidation and warping can be virtually eliminated. Structure and basic characteristics of premium steel components remain unchanged.
Particularly in the field of medical technology, our non-porous and precise welds are in high demand. The low thermal load does not lead to tarnish or change in hardness and secures highest component accuracy. Due to the glass bead blasted surface, medical precision instruments are almost ready for surgery.

Thermal separation process with highest flexibility for material thicknesses up to 4 mm.
Laser cutting stainless steel

Sandblasting, abrasive blasting, grinding, brushing, polishing, barrel finishing, and various galvanic procedures.
Surface finishing steel

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Logos, signets, numerations, and letterings. Our machines burn anything onto the material.
Laser marking stainless steel

Multi-folds and edge parts made of VA, V2A, VA foil, and steel sheets.
Stainless steel bending

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This production technology enables us to weld premium steel foils and cases of thinnest premium steel sheets as well as electropolished components with outstanding quality.
For the best possible result, we will examine all processed components with latest measuring technology, record by means of macrosections, and are capable of carrying out hydrogen leakage tests.
If you are looking for a reliable service provider, who is always there to advise you, you have come to the right place! KURIOS is happy to process your contact.

Laser welding – with or without filler material in various industries

Medical technology, toolmaking, automotive industry, aviation industry, precision instruments for the medical sector, repair welding, or thin-walled sheet metal constructions – laser welding is a suitable means when it comes to processing filigree and sensitive components.
Corrugated hose 2
Corrugated hose flange made of 1.4571
Float ball_diaphragm case
Diaphragm case and float balls

Laser welding of premium steel – the key facts at a glance

Whether it’s standard alloys like 1.4301 as thin sheet, well machinable 1.4305 alloys, which we reliably weld with the help of filler materials, or seawater resistant qualities, such as 1.4571 and 1.4404, we weld basically everything. Handling dissimilar materials by means of pulsed fine welding is no problem at all. We are able to process various joints, e.g. different alloys (up to black and white joints) or joints of massive and filigree parts.
  • Maximum size:
    1,000 mm x 1,000 mm
  • Minimum material thickness:
    0.05 mm
  • Maximum material weight:
    2,000 kg
  • Benefits:
    Slightest thermal load, high welding speed, esthetic welds, no reworking, pinpoint energy exposure
  • Quality assurance:
    Microsection and macrosection (structure, HAZ, measurement), hydrogen leakage test, tensile testing, compression test, torsion test, crack testing
  • Further processing offer:
    Laser cutting, HSC milling, 5-axis milling, bending, laser marking, engraving, thread cutting, drilling, turning, thermal bending, and Heli-Coil
  • Surface refinements:
    Lacquering, sandblasting, abrasive blasting, grinding, and brushing

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