Illuminated advertising for the set of “Guess the Car”

New individual design possibilities for unique items and serial production

“Guess the Car” – the luminous white lettering is already visible from afar. Some pedestrians stop and look amazed; others follow the invitation and disappear into the big black box that suddenly stood in downtown Hamburg. What’s behind all this?
In celebration of launching a modern two-seated lifestyle car with small outer dimensions but great sitting comfort, unsuspecting pedestrians were invited to enter the pitch-black box and guess what kind of car they were sitting in. When the lights were switched on, a major surprise awaited the pedestrians. Almost all subjects believed to be sitting in a much larger model of much higher class. What a successful experiment! The unusual campaign was filmed and documented with special infrared cameras to be spread online.
The company (TV Studio GmbH, Hamburg-Wedel) that was responsible for shooting the film had tasked KURIOS to develop a light box. It needed to be super thin and read “Guess the Car”, so that it could be mounted on the outer wall of the big black box.

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Latest LED technology enables new and individual design possibilities for unique items and serial production.

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Link to Video

You may find the full promo of "Guess the Car" here.

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It turned out to be quite challenging to ensure the legibility of the lettering in bright lighting conditions. To achieve an optimal result, KURIOS decided to use innovative LED panels with laser grid plates.
An additional difficulty posed the narrow time frame from ordering to shooting the film. Due to the consistent use of 3D design, KURIOS was able to timely deliver a plug and play-ready product to the set. The innovative and extremely flat LED panels we used interpret the field of advertising banners and light boxes in a new and elegant way, especially in combination with backlit foils or acrylic letters. As a consequence, that enables us to come up with completely new and individual design possibilities for unique items as well as serial production.
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