2D Laser Cutting OSB (Wood)

Laser cutting of oriented stranded fiberboards (OSB)

An oriented stranded board, also known as flakeboard, is a structural wood panel consisting of long, thin wood strands. Originally a by-product of the plywood industry, OSB began its victorious march through the world’s industries in the late 1980s.
Laser cutting of wood, wood-like and wood-based materials, often in combination with other production processes, is part of KURIOS’ day-to-day business. We are able to laser cut OSBs from 0.1 mm to 40 mm. Furthermore, those boards can be machined, engraved, and laser marked.

Complex deep engravings, company logos, illustrations, and letterings on all kinds of wood.
OSB lettering

Machined separation processes of wood and wood-like materials (MDF and OSB) are part of KURIOS' everyday tasks.
Milling natural materials

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Our team in production area 3 will realize your ideas for 2D laser cutting of natural materials in a brilliant manner.
Production area 3

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Even printed or lacquered flakeboards can be processed without any problems, since the laser doesn’t damage the paint job.
The edges are burrless and don’t need to be reworked. Even though cut edges turn sooty black, we are able to conceal that through professional lacquering, if you wish hide the discoloration.
Should you have any questions regarding 2D laser cutting of wood-like materials, KURIOS’ competent team is happy to advise you. Get in touch with us.

Ambitious results for ambitious customers

As a low-cost but strong base material, oriented strand boards are particularly popular in trade fair construction, shopfitting, and shop-in-shop systems.
Laser cutting sisal cotton
Laser cut of sisal and cotton
Laser cutting OSB coated
Letters cut out of OSB

Technical details of laser cutting OSB

Our range of machinery includes several CO2 laser cutting systems with different output classes for individual items, small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale production.
These CNC controlled laser systems offer an extremely good repeat accuracy, brilliant result, quick processing, and work highly efficient.
KURIOS Laserprodukt GmbH is service provider for the entire production chain of oriented strand board processing. True to our philosophy “everything from a single source”, we offer a broad spectrum of further processing options. We will be pleased to inform you about further processing options, durability, or other technical classifications of oriented strand boards.
  • Maximum size:
    2,000 mm x 3,000 mm
  • Thinnest material:
    Veneer thickness
  • Thickest material:
    20 mm
  • Exemplary areas of application:
    Display building, module construction, model construction, advertisements, Christmas tree decorations, arts and crafts, façade construction, shop equipment, and trade fair construction
  • Further processing offer:
    Milling, lacquering, laser marking, drilling, thread cutting, gluing, grinding, digital printing, and adhesive bonding

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