Housing manufacture for MAYA

Protonet – a world record made possible by crowdfunding

Protonet – a world record made possible by crowdfunding
Great projects require visions. “If you can dream it, do it”, as American film producer Walt Disney used to say. In 2008, the power of their vision encouraged two young IT experts in Hamburg to pursue an idea.
Ali Jelveh and Christopher Blum dream about developing a private server that leaves it up to the individual to decide where in today’s digital age one wants to store personal data and who is going to have access to it. The idea is to create a user-friendly product, which combines absolute local data sovereignty and the modern comfort of cloud services.
A world record!
The success story is told rather quickly: in 2012, the team of developers founds their company Protonet. The duo of IT experts works years on developing the world’s simplest private server for four years. They bank on the power of the crowd twice and let their vision come true thanks to Europe’s fastest crowdfunding campaign on Seedmatch. In the summer of 2014, within just 15 days the start-up from Hamburg manages to get 1988 investors interested in their idea and generates 3 million Euros in crowdfunding. A world record!
Meanwhile, Protonet develops, manufactures, and sells comfortable productivity solutions in three versions with different storage capacities and specially developed software. Concerning the production, the innovative company consistently relies on local partners.

Laser Cutting
Sheet Metal

The outer wall of the MAYA is laser cut on our 2D laser systems in a single processing step and is ready for further processing.

Hydraulic Bending

The laser-cut outer wall is then bent into the hexagonal basic form inside our hydraulic press brakes.

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Laser Welding
Steel Sheet

Now, the bent body of the MAYA has to be welded together by using a thermal bonding technique.

Laser Cutting Acrylic

The antenna base is laser cut from acrylic glass (PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), Plexiglas®, Perspex®).

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Surface Refinement

The body's surface is prepared for its distinctive orange paint job and is now ready for further processing.


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Here is where KURIOS comes into play as a specialist for individual high-quality solutions. KURIOS was able to prevails its competitors in an elaborate selection process and is now tasked by Protonet to manufacture the housings of their model MAYA. That way KURIOS becomes part of the vision, too.
The hexagonal basic form of MAYA’s body and the bright orange paint job make the industrial design of the casing unique and timeless. That is where the particular challenge of the project originates: KURIOS needs to pay attention to perfection throughout every stage of production to meet Protonet’s high demands in terms of quality and surface finish. It is only through absolutely precise processing of the used metal components and their outer surfaces that one can ensure flawless painting results in the final processing step. To achieve high-precision manufacturing results of the design housing, KURIOS chose laser cutting, laser welding, and bending as suitable processing methods. Latest laser technology guarantees an optimal outcome.
This shows that KURIOS is the ideal partner for manufacturing visually appealing and sophisticated products. KURIOS is a partner that talks the same language as his customers do – even with a young start-up with latest communication technology. Being able to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes is essential to see what their production needs are.
“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Maybe you too have a vision of a pioneering product and we might be able to help you realize that dream.
If you too are looking for a service provider to rely on and feel in good hands, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to receive your request!

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