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Professional paint jobs from KURIOS – we can do a lot and now even more

To ensure that the final surface finish complies with our high standards of quality, a few years ago, we decided to add an industrial paint booth to our machinery. That enables us to do professional paint jobs ourselves.
The spectrum of lacquers we use extends from classic variants in RAL colors and spot colors to special lacquers (e.g. aviation lacquers). We use both water-based and solvent-based lacquers, so that depending on the product, component, or material we are always able to offer an optimal color system. According to our high quality standards, we make use of a computer-aided color mixing system by AkzoNobel Sikkens.

Lacquering Wood

We lacquer wood and wood-like materials, such as MDF or HDF, in RAL shades including texture and effect finishes.

Lacquering Plastic

Classic lacquers in RAL color shades, spot colors, or special lacquers for paintable plastics of all kinds.

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Lacquering Metal

Texture finishes, effect finishes, and gloss finishes for sheet metal components and aluminium sheets.

Lacquering OSB

We lacquer oriented strand boards, medium-density fiberboards, and other natural composites inside our industrial paint booth.

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Among others, these works include: texture finishes, effect finishes, and gloss finishes of sheet metal components, aluminium panels, wooden fronts, or acrylic letters. KURIOS can do a lot and now even more.
An essential part of our individual customer service is the fact that every mixed color is stored customer-specifically and order-specifically in our database, which we can access at any time to exactly reproduce any color shade. Naturally, there is a small paint bottle enclosed to every product for restore works.
Should you have any questions regarding the field of industrial lacquering, the KURIOS team is happy to assist and consult you. Please contact us.

Possible applications – unlimited flexibility

Our expertise in the field of lacquering is in the ability to paint various materials in many different ways.
We paint signs, letterings, and signets that have been laser-processed or milled at KURIOS with high-gloss lacquer and matte or textured lacquers. Texture lacquer typically gives us the opportunity to recreate powdered surfaces. Depending on the product’s material, it can be generated inside KURIOS’ 3D printers. Our specialists at KURIOS take on jobs that most paint shops are loath to do.
Lacquering 3D printing
Texture finish on 3D print made of ABS
Lacquering Knoll acrylic letters
Painted milled letters with individual packaging and drilling template

Lacquering inside the in-house industrial paint booth – the key facts summarized

The new, innovative, and professional industrial paint booth enables our painters to execute all accruing lacquering jobs in various spray painting and airbrush technologies.
We lacquer in accordance to RAL, HKS, CMYK, or pantone color shades. The color mixing is done by a computer-aided system (AkzoNobel).
  • Maximum size:
    2,000 mm x 3,000 mm
  • Possible types of lacquering:
    Texture finish, effect finish, gloss finish, airbrush, faux rust paint
  • Possible materials:
    Premium steel, steel sheets, non-ferrous metals, various kinds of wood, acrylic glass and other plastics
  • Industries:
    Trade fair construction, model construction, shopfitting, automotive, and aviation
  • Further surface refinements:
    Sandblasting, abrasive-blasting, grinding, and polishing
  • Color systems:
    RAL, HKS, CMYK, or Pantone

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