5-Axis Laser Cutting Hamburg – for natural and synthetic materials as well

3D laser cutting in Seevetal – including in-house fixture construction

In addition to 3D laser cutting of body components, we have a lot more to offer. Due to our long-term experience in handling natural and synthetic materials, we are able to process all other laser cuttable materials as well. Generally speaking, those include aluminium, thin sheets, galvanized sheets, acrylic glass, further plastics, as well as wood and other natural materials.
For this purpose, we continue to use 5-axis CO2 laser systems. We will combine the laser cutting systems with suction devices for various applications, which ensures high process reliability and reproducibility.

3D steel sheet, corrugated sheet, galvanized sheet, and other metals are standard formed parts in the fields of automotive or railway.
3D-laser cutting steel sheets

3D laser cutting of premium steel sheets is one of the most frequent 5-axis laser cutting applications at KURIOS.
3D lasering stainless steel

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Processing of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Copper, brass, bronze, etc.
3D lasering aluminium

We handle up to 20 mm thick Plexiglas®, Perspex®, and other plastics with greatest flexibility.
3D lasering plexiglas

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Three-dimensional, thermal separation of carbon (CFRP). Lightweight design, carbon fiber-reinforced fabrics, and much more.
3D lasering GRP / CFRP

Our team is ready and waiting to put your ideas into practice.
Learn more about the Production area 2 at KURIOS from Hamburg.

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Data exchange for 3D laser cutting is made possible by TEBIS’ CAD/CAM solution through direct importing of CATIA, UG, and NX data, as well as various exchange formats. Furthermore, clamping devices are designed and manufactured at KURIOS, so that we are always able to produce in a flexible and timely manner.
After the process of 3D laser cutting, our FARO measurement arm measures the product. The result is compared to the target data and documented in a measurement report.
Our team is happy to be there for you, should you have any queries regarding 5-axis laser cutting. Feel free to contact us.

For a variety of applications

We offer 3D contour cutting of body panels for the automotive industry, rail vehicle engineering, and housing construction, as well as 3D laser cutting of non-metallic materials like acrylic glass hoods, cardboard tubes, or composites of plastics and natural materials.
3D laser cutting hydroforming
3D laser cutting of hydroformed part
3D laser cutting composite
Dashboard made of PUR/pulp

3D laser cutting of material – the key facts summarized

We master the entire process chain of 3D laser cutting; 3D design, 3D data exchange, design of fixtures for correct positioning of components in the machining area, manufacture of fixtures with frames, toggle clamps, vacuum suction cups, creation of 3D cutting programs, and 3D measuring against dataset.
  • Maximum size:
    1,500 mm x 3,000 mm x 700 mm
  • Minimum material thickness:
    0.5 mm
  • Maximum material thickness:
    40 mm
  • Further processing offer:
    HSC milling, laser marking, engraving, thread cutting, drilling, turning, and Heli-Coil
  • Surface refinements:
    Lacquering, polishing, sandblasting, abrasive blasting, grinding, brushing, and further galvanic procedures
  • Applications:
    Deep-drawn metal parts (body panels, automotive components), hydroformed metal parts, spun metal parts (metal housings), tubes and molded parts of cardboard, interior car paneling with composites.

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